Club Events Coming UP

Sight in days are scheduled for the 2017 year. It is open to the public for free so please let your friends a family know if they need to sight their guns in. The dates are October 28th, October 29th, and November 12th. It will be from 10 am to 4 pm. Eye and ear protection are mandatory!!

We are now a part of Lake Michigan Archery Association! This means more events coming to the club and more representation for our club at other events. Archery events for the winter will start in January. I will post the information as soon as I get it.

Our next meeting is on November 12th at 6pm. Please join us and have a say in your club events. In December there will be the annual meeting with officer elections. The meeting is December 17th at 6 pm. Please consider running for a position. It is a lot of work to keep the club going and we need everyone to participate in order to keep it open!

The Christmas auction is December 3rd. Please follow us on Facebook for up to date information.

The NRA grant money has been used for the year. Thanks to everyone who helped put up the new steel roofs!

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